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Why Piano Lessons in Your Home?
For centuries, music has been an influential part of cultural society. It is an element which brings people together, and stimulates cognitive awareness. Piano Lessons In Your Home appreciates the generations of families that embraced music and brought it into their lives. Furthermore, we accept the challenge of carrying on the tradition or to introduce music to new families.

Every person, regardless of age, gender or race is entitled to the fulfillment music brings and PLIYH makes every effort to ensure our students and teachers experience an environment that promotes success. We believe in the potential of all students to make beautiful music and acknowledge the possibilities to achieve the highest caliber of playing. The company and its faculty nurture Piano Lessons In Your Home teachers so that they continue to grow and enjoy their teaching. We educate both students and teachers from a variety of perspectives, conduct research in scholarly materials and provide performance opportunities so that they can demonstrate their special talents. Each of these elements is important in the development of recreational and professional music abilities as they promote dedication, build confidence and reveal progress.

Piano Lessons In Your Home has been in the Music Education industry since 1996. Over a decade later we reflect on our progress, our students’ growth and the caliber of teachers we invite to join our team. What we want to communicate to families and teachers is that “We will always be committed to listening to your feedback because it is important. ‘Enjoy!’ as we continue to build our programs and always know that you can count on us when it comes to the complete musical experience.”

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