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The following is an entry from n Cathy Grimes, long time piano teacher and musician.

Cathy took a few moments to share with our readers why music is so very important to her, and how important she feels it should be to each of our lives. Thank you for sharing, Cathy, and to our readers- enjoy!

“Music is not just something I do, it is what I am… from the age of 3,
music was the most important part of my life.
I began piano at 3. Once I began, I never wanted to stop. From that, I went to singing, playing the flute, trumpet, french horn and so on. I kept studying and practicing at least one hour each day. By the time I was in 6th grade, I was studying with a college professor.
My music focus continued as I joined show choir, a rock band, and community choirs/bands throughout high school. I actually lived and breathed music. This continued in college and beyond. I have made a career out of my love of music. Working as an accompanist and entertainer made paying for college much easier. That turned into directing church choirs, becoming a music director, and teaching music in the schools and privately.
After years of that, I opened my own studio, and that is when I found Piano Lessons in Your Home.
Music is a wonderful part of life. I wish everyone could be involved. That is what this company offers; an opportunity to make music a part of your life. Not only does it help students with their studies, but it is also a way to express and create. It can be an escape and a way to relax. If you think about it, music is already a part of our lives; even if we don’t play an instrument….television, movies, ringtones, radio… we sometimes don’t even recognize how much music is already in our everyday lives! Imagine if we studied music or just learned to play for our own enjoyment! When our children are involved in music, studies show they score higher on tests, have more self discipline, develop better listening skills and increased eye-hand coordination, as well as further hone their intellectual capabilities.
So, what are you waiting for? Get your family involved in music today!
I’m sure glad I did!”

Cathy Grimes


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