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Welcome to Piano Lessons in Your Home’s official blog!

We do hope all music lovers find our blog, as it will be a fantastic resource! Our first entry is just a little history about our company, what we value, what we strive to inspire in the world around us. Upcoming entries will include, but are certainly not limited to the following:

– simple practice techniques that can be used during every day activities,

-mind sharpening tools designed to increase learning capacity,

-interesting research (We won’t put you to sleep – promise).

-some random hilarity (We don’t think any blog server would allow continuation of a page without chuckle-factor),

-some vlogs and photogs of our very own students and teachers – you may even see someone you know! (You know the five year old neighbor child that is always outside staring at you? The one who makes you uncomfortable, because he looks as though he’s planning a neighborhood takeover, even though he’s only five? You might find he actually has an amazing affinity for music, and just desperately wants you to be in his band! )

-and so many more ideas that haven’t even been invented yet!

Are you excited? We are, so here is a little 411 on our company, and why you may just be seeing us for the first time:

Stacey Brooks founded Piano Lessons in Your Home in 1996 in Columbus, Ohio. She started by teaching piano lessons to students in their homes, and soon she found that she couldn’t keep up with the demand. As a result, she hired a few piano teachers to help meet the need, and the rest is history!

With such booming success in the Central Ohio market, Stacey and her team decided to carry the momentum to other parts of the country, offering the same quality music lessons from our knowledgeable and creative staff to now eight booming markets nationwide. We value quality and individuality, recognizing that students learn at their own pace, in many different ways. For this reason, we have a large teaching staff of piano teachers, guitar teachers, voice teachers and other music teachers, representing a variety of personalities and teaching styles. We love to learn all the details about your student, and will ask so many questions before lessons begin, just to ensure we choose a teacher that will make them comfortable, and set them up for personal and musical success. Whether your student is a budding Mozart, or has thus far, only used your piano as a fortress in the battle between Transformers and Avengers, there is a teacher out there who understands. It’s our passion to find you that teacher, and we love to do it!

As we’ve been in the business of offering quality music lessons through our exceptionally talented faculty for almost 18 years, and on the verge of our upcoming anniversary, we decided to give our website and internet presence a complete makeover!
This makeover meant a total website redesign, including more resources, more FAQs, some vivid photography of some of our own students and local performers, and so much more!

We’ve also launched new Facebook pages for each city we serve, where we hope to not only keep our families and communities tied in to Piano Lessons in Your Home updates, but ALSO TO keep you up-to-date on local happenings, including music festivals and local performances in your area from some of our favorite musicians. Feel free to share events with us as well- we support all local music, and recognize music as a life force of education, community, and growth.

Please subscribe. Future posts will make you (and us!) so glad you did.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato


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