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A New Way To Learn

PLIYH is now offering online guitar lessons through Skype! Skype lessons online are individual online lessons taught across the Skype video call program. The online lessons are conducted in the same manner as in-home lessons with the student able to interact with teacher in real-time.

Why Choose Skype Lessons

Since Skype lessons occur via computer, these lessons involve no driving for the student or for the teacher. This means that scheduled lessons won’t be affected due to weather or other travel circumstances.

Each online lesson is video recorded and sent to the student at no additional cost. This will enable the students and families to have a permanent record of their lessons.

Online Skype lessons are available to students who that live outside our traditional in-home lesson range.

Online lessons via Skype are great for those who frequently travel and for professionals who want to take lessons on their lunch breaks at work.

Whatever the reason, online lessons via Skype are perfect for today’s modern students who value flexibility and quality in their musical journey.

Pricing and Requirements

Tuition rates are the same as traditional in-home lessons.

Skype itself is free so all you need is an existing computer with a camera and microphone hooked up. They must have a high-speed Internet connection. Computers should have at least a 1Ghz processor and 512mb of RAM. A better internet connection, processor, RAM, camera, microphone, and speakers make for a better Skype experience.

It is also possible to have an online lesson via Skype across mobile and tablet platforms such as iPhones, iPads, and Andriod powered devices. Students should also have an instrument, music stand, metronome, and tuner.


Skype Guitar Teacher Bios


Mark Hawkins

Instructor & Workshop Presenter
Genres: Rock, Metal, Punk, Country
Base Location: Tampa, FL

Mark Hawkins currently plays in the bands: Devolved (Unique Leader Records), Soul Cycle, LVM Trio, Robots Pulling Levers (Monolithic Records), Assimilated Mind Phase and several others.  He is sponsored by Schecter Guitars and has 17 years of playing experience and 7 years of teaching experience.  Mark has also played as a session guitarist and bassist for artists in genres all across the board (Country, Pop punk, Techno, Rock, Funk, Metal, Flamenco) and is skilled in home recording. He has been a PLYIH Guitar Workshop Presenter since 2012.–>

Matt Stone

Instructor & Workshop Presenter
Guitar, Banjo Mandolin, Bass, Ukelele, Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar
Genres: Folk, Blues
Base Location: Little Rock, AR

Matthew Stone has been teaching music to students of all ages for over ten years.  He studied jazz and fingerstyle guitar at Belmont University with Mario DeSilva, and he has also studied other popular styles privately with Daniel Soto.  A multi-instrumentalist, he plays the pedal steel, mandolin, bass, ukulele, and dobro, and he is currently the principal banjoist for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. His versatility has allowed him to record with and produce recordings for many independent songwriters in Arkansas and Tennessee.  Matthew is a frequently featured musical guest on NPR’s syndicated program “Tales From the South,” and he has also appeared numerous times on local television accompanying various singers.  Matthew currently resides in Little Rock, Arkansas, with his cats Pork Chop and Lil’ Furry, and on any given weekend you can find him performing somewhere in Arkansas or the surrounding states with one of his many bands, playing anything from jazz to bluegrass. He has been a PLYIH Guitar Workshop Presenter since 2012..


Kirk Redman

Classical Guitar
Base Location: Cincinnati, OH

Kirk Redman is an established teacher and performing guitarist. He offers expert Skype Online Piano Lessons. Our online Skype piano Lessons save time & money. He has been studying classical guitar since the age of eight, and has been teaching classical and fingerstyle guitar for the past decade. A recent graduate of the prestigious College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, he is a regional performer regularly presenting engaging and varied concert programs. He enjoys bringing rarely heard music to a wide audience, performing in both formal concert halls and casual diners and cafes. He has studied with such influential musicians as Pavel Steidl, Zoran Dukic, Oscar Ghiglia, and Jason Vieaux. –>