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We teach piano to students of all ages. Parents with young beginners who are 4-5 years old can request an evaluation to ensure they are ready for lessons. Most of our piano lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes and we offer longer lessons to more advanced students. We also recommend that voice students also take piano lessons in order to help with sight reading and learning songs. Skype piano lessons are available to students ages 10 and up who have taken at least one year of lessons.


Learning to sing is a great skill to have and its one that a student can easily enjoy at anytime. It’s best that voice students begin formal lessons when they are 12 or 13 years old. In our program, we begin voice lessons as early as 9 years old, and the lessons are focused on matching pitch, breathing correctly, placement, diction and sight singing.

The lesson structure is very similar to that of children’s choir and the repertoire is very specific for these young singers to ensure they are enjoying singing without possibly injuring their instrument. One of the reasons that we allow younger students to have these basic lessons is because it builds confidence and self esteem. It also helps students prepare for school talent shows and musicals where they might be featured and also helps them become very comfortable singing in front of an audience.

As our voice students mature, the instructor changes the vocalizes and repertoire that covered in lessons. More emphasis on various styles of music, languages,as well as expanding the student’s range and volume become the primary focus. During this time teachers also help students work on roles and characters if they so desire.

Popular singing is also part of our program, and some of our teachers offer a combination of guitar and voice lessons, or piano and voice lessons. If you are interested in combination lessons, please let your Regional Director know, as it will assist them in making the best teacher selection for your family.

GUITAR LESSONS: In Home Lessons & Skype Lessons

The guitar is an instrument that can be seen as a permanent fixture in both popular and classical music. It has a great deal of allure for students because it’s portable and versatile. For this reason, Piano Lessons In Your Home offers guitar lessons in two formats: Private In-Home lessons and Skype lessons.


Our private in-home guitar lessons are available to students age 7 to adult. Our office and teachers are of great assistance for parents who need help choosing the right size instrument for the student. All of our guitar students learn to read music and play by ear. Technique is an important part of our guitar program, which enables our students to quickly excel and progress.


Our Skype Guitar program is very unique because we can tailor fit lessons to the student. Skype lessons are available to guitar students who are at least 10 years old. Previous lesson experience is not required and we do teach very beginners.
More experienced players can truly benefit from our Skype Guitar program because they can focus on a specific style. Our guitar staff are experts in their field and really motivate students to get that sound and performance level they ultimately want when they play guitar. Each Skype Guitar Lesson Is recorded and a copy is sent to the student to use during weekly practice.

Here is a listing of the Skype Guitar Styles of Lessons that are available:
 Classical Guitar
 Jazz, Funk, and Reggae (Guitar and Bass)
 Folk Styles, Blues, and Classic Rock (Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar)
 Rock, Metal, Punk and Country Guitar

For more information and to register for these styles, click on our SKYPE Online Lessons Link.