Why Piano Lessons in Your Home?

We know that as an instructor you have many choices with whom you work. Since 1996, we have devoted our time and energy to how we can make your professional life both efficient and rewarding. We have developed many programs and pooled many resources with you in mind. Please read below to find out how you can benefit from becoming a part of PLIYH.

 Excellent Pay – We pay very competitively and also provide bonuses

 Flexible Scheduling – You choose your own hours and days you wish to work

 Limited Travel Time – We find many students in a concentrated area so that you will spend an entire day in one area rather than traveling from suburb to suburb

 Continuing Education Workshops and Classes – Click on this link to find out more

 Concert Series

 Extensive Lending Library

 Piano Book Store

 Network of Recital Facilities – You may use the facilities we have already set up or choose your own

 Integrity – We pride ourselves on our honesty, trustworthiness, and solid business practices. We have faithfully developed our comprehensive program which has proven successful in all of our cities

 Degreed Faculty on Staff – This individual helps teachers with lesson planning, specific student related questions, and general pedagogy


If you are interested in learning more about teaching piano lessons, please complete and submit our form or contact us by phone.