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We offer a variety of services for our current instructors. Here are just a few!


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Piano Lessons In Your Home offers a full service bookstore for teachers, making it easy for them to pick up lesson materials. Among the items carried are standard method books, repertoire, theory books, technical materials, flash cards, metronome and tuners. Because we are a school that believes that every student should be taught in a way that helps them learn to their full potential, we do not have a standardized curriculum. Our teachers select resources that they believe are the best fit for their students. Over time, it is possible that the direction of materials changes to assist in their growth. Families are charged for their books and appropriate sales tax will be added.


Our Music Lending Library has been an important part of the school since its inception. The Lending Library is a resource for supplementing lessons. Within our various libraries teachers will find classical and popular music, teaching resources, standard teaching repertoire, holiday music, etc. All of the items have catalog numbers and can be checked out from your local office. Items may be kept for up to 6 weeks before renewing them. Families and teachers are responsible for keeping track of the books and keeping them in good condition. Please note that it is not possible for regular weekly lesson books to be borrowed from the library. Regular lesson materials must be purchased through our buy book store or through another vendor.


We are often asked if our school has studios where students can travel to for lessons. Although we do have studios at our office locations, it is also possible for us to establish a studio at your local community center, religious institution, or school. Remote location studios are a program we established many years ago, and we are always happy to provide groups and communities with access to lessons at their location. For more information and for pricing, please contact your local office.


Piano Lessons In Your Home is a year round school, and therefore does not focus on semester or quarter schedules. The majority of our students take lessons through the summer. Families and teachers who require flexibility during summer months can speak with their local Regional Director about shorter summer sessions, Skype Lessons and substitute teachers. While we do recognize that teachers and students need some down time, we also believe in the importance of remaining consistent with lessons. Our flexible summer options allow for both of these arrangements and are quite popular for students going to overnight camps, families who plan to travel, and teachers with a heavy performance schedule.

The summer is also an excellent time for students who would like longer lessons or multiple lessons during the week. Your teacher and Regional Director can also help you with these arrangements. Just make sure you speak with the office prior to making any changes in lessons so your billing is correct as 30 days notice is required for all billing changes.