Frequently Asked Questions

How are lessons scheduled?

piano recital for studentsWe attempt to match your family with a teacher who matches your preferences and is able to come to your home during your preferred windows of availability. We offer convenient day, evening, and weekend lessons.

How often are lessons, and how long is each lesson?

Usually lessons occur once each week. The duration of lessons depends on the age, ability, and attention span of the student. Our lesson lengths range from 30 minutes to 2 hours each week, depending on student and family preferences. We cater to students at all levels from beginner to professional.

What are your instructors’ qualifications?

All PLIYH instructors are experienced teachers and/or performers, the majority of whom have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in music in pedagogy, performance, or education. While our instructors operate independently and use their own teaching methods, all have successfully passed our rigorous screening process which includes an extensive background check, a performance audition, a formal interview, and numerous reference checks. All PLIYH teachers love music, and are committed to helping their students discover a passion for music.

At what age can my child begin lessons?

This depends on the teaching method as well as the child’s ability, attention span, maturity, and interest level. Our instrument/student age ranges are: Piano Lessons: 4 to adult; Guitar Lessons: 7 to adult; Voice Lessons: 9 to adult.

How can I begin lessons?

Click here to submit your information. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your family’s musical needs! Even if you would like to begin a few weeks from now, we strongly encourage you to register, as prime time slots fill quickly, especially during Back to School and Fall months. We will connect you with a teacher so that you can reserve the best time that works for your family.

What types of books do teachers use for lessons?

In the interest of allowing each student to do their very best, we do not use a standardized curriculum. Instead, teachers personalize the curriculum to each student’s learning style so they can progress and thrive in lessons. Parents must purchase books for their student(s) to use in lessons. Most of our offices have a Buy Book Store where lessons materials are available. Teachers can select materials from this store and bring them to the student’s home for lessons. Parents are billed for the cost of the lesson books plus tax. Generally a lesson book, theory book and technique book are required. The average cost per book is approximately $8.00. However, many adult piano methods and repertoire books are in the $15.00 range. Students generally remain in the same level book for approximately 6 months. Piano Lessons In Your Home also has a Music Lending Library that teachers can use to supplement lessons with other repertoire. All of the music in the Lending Library is cataloged and checked out by the teacher for the family. Items can be kept for up to 6 weeks at a time before requiring renewal. Lesson books, theory books and technique books that are needed for weekly lessons cannot be obtained from the Lending Library.

How long of a time commitment is required?

Our families pay by the month, which means they commit by the month. We do not require a long term time agreement. The only thing we require is that families provide 30 days notice before discontinuing lessons in order to give us a chance to fill our teacher’s open time slot.

What is the Auto Pay Program?

Auto Pay is a payment option that families can utilize by drafting from their checking account or credit card each month to cover tuition payments. It’s very easy to enroll and to make changes account if/when they are required. To enroll, complete the Auto Pay Form below and return it to your local office. Families who enroll in the Auto Pay Checking program receive a reduced rate for lessons. Additional reductions in cost are available to families who enroll in Auto Pay Checking and who take 90 minutes of lesson time each week. The below Auto Pay Form is the same Form also found on city specific pages.

 Auto Pay form

Do you provide opportunities for students to participate in Competitions, Exams and Adjudicative Events?

Piano lessons in Your Home offers several of its own events that fall under this category, and we also are happy to prepare students for events hosted by other organizations as well. Our Young Performers Awards Program (YPA) is a bi-annual event in which a student’s performance is evaluated. YPA also includes an optional Theory Exam. YPA is available for beginner to advanced students of all ages. The Concert Series is our school’s Honors Recital and is a competitive event. It is reserved for our intermediate and advanced students. Students who qualify by audition for the Concert Series are competing for a Best Performer Awards in their age group. Many of our teachers also participate in ABRSM Royal School Exams, National Federation of Music Clubs Events, and State Music Teacher organization events. For more information about the programs we offer, click on the “Lessons,” tab and scroll down to “Programs for Students.”